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Firewood for sale in Victoria, BC

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Firewood For Sale in Victoria

Are you looking for seasoned firewood from a reliable source in Victoria, BC?

Buying firewood in Victoria, BC can be a daunting task. Reliable dealers with consistent quality are nearly impossible to find and the best ones are generally booked months in advance. Victoria Firewood Inc is one of them. We have firewood for sale in Victoria, offer the best quality kiln dried firewood in the city and guarantee the quality of our products. Whether you are looking for a cord, ten cords, a bundle of kindling or some firewood for camping, we have everything you need to heat with firewood.

Firewood Production and Kiln Drying

Using a state of the art delivery and production system, we have reinvented the firewood industry. Our kiln system is unique to our business and runs completely fossil fuel free. This results in perfect quality firewood that our customers can rely on. Order your firewood today!

Firewood Delivery in Victoria, BC

We have the best firewood delivery system in the world. Our firewood is pre-stacked in custom built crates that you get to borrow for storage. This means no stacking, no lifting and no fuss. Using electric pallet jacks and a 3 ton truck, we can move your firewood right into garages, carports or any location as long as the surface is hard and at least 5 ft wide.


Quality Firewood Delivery Service

At Victoria Firewood, we take great pride in offering the best service possible. We have developed all of our processes so anyone can do them and that means we can hire staff based on personality, reliability and attitude rather than brawn and muscle. Work smarter, not harder.

Order Firewood Online Today

We work tirelessly to provide our service to as many residents of Victoria as possible. This being said, we do fill up our delivery schedule every year so be sure to call early in the season to be guaranteed firewood. Order firewood online here.

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